Designate a Product Champion

You’ve decided to roll-out MemberCircle at your organization. The leadership team is on board and excited. You’ve socialized it with members of your organization and everyone agrees there’s a need for the solution. We’ve got one major to-do item that will help your organization successfully adopt the platform and fall in love with it: designate a product champion.

A product champion? That’s right, a product champion. A product champion is a person in your organization that can be the go-to advocate of MemberCircle and showcase how the platform should be leveraged. The champion should be a mid to high-level employee with a great reputation within the organization. We recommend picking someone that is tech-savvy and genuinely interested in the adoption of MemberCircle. This person should work closely with the leadership team, but not be on the leadership team.

The product champion can help the leadership team understand how adoption is going and can help navigate any challenges. This person can also lead trainings or information sessions on MemberCircle. They can also be an early and eager adopter of the platform so others see it being leveraged effectively.

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