MemberCircle’s key differentiator is the ability to create unlimited circles (groups). Each circle has its own set of tools and circles can reflect the hierarchy of your organization. If you have a Seattle office and three departments at that location, those four entities would have their own circle within your organization’s portal. The Seattle office would be able to push relevant information to its “child circles” without having to share it with the Boston office, for example. This revolutionary style of sharing information streamlines communications and makes organizations more efficient.

Create Announcements

Send updates to the organization or only to your circles.

Create Circles

Create unlimited circles for groups to effectively collaborate.

Make Profiles

Create a profile and access the directory to find your peers.

Start Discussions

Create discussions on topics relevant to your organization.

Share Events

Create and manage events. Share with the organization or keep within a circle.

Store Documents

Upload, download and share documents in a central drive.

Send Messages

Send messages to individuals or groups.

Stay Informed

Use your newsfeed to stay current on what’s new with your organization.