The benefits of leveraging an intranet like MemberCircle for your business needs are obvious. But you can get even more from MemberCircle by encouraging dialogues on topics that aren’t work-related. It might sound a little crazy to suggest nudging your team to use a work tool for non-work discussions. However, when your team members are able to connect with their peers about items outside the workplace, the relationships become stronger and employees become more invested in their team.

One easy way to slowly encourage leveraging MemberCircle for social purposes is to set up a “Just for Fun” circle. This circle is a starting point to show your team that they are welcome to create circles to discuss items of interest to them. Travel or sports are examples of circles that could be created within Just for Fun. By creating a Just for Fun circle, all these social circles can live within that parent circle, which keeps it segmented off from other work circles.

Creating an announcement at the organization level explaining the creation of Just for Fun is a great way to loop everyone in and encourage engagement. Teams have also created discussion topics at the organization level and applauded employees that have been early adopters of using the portal for social purposes.

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