Knowledge Base

One of the things customers love the most about MemberCircle is its ease of use. If you’ve ever used any social platform, you will be a MemberCircle expert in the first day you get on the platform. However, we understand everyone learns at different paces and have different levels of technical aptitude. That’s why we created the Knowledge Base.

MemberCircle’s Knowledge Base is a one-stop shop for any questions members might have. The same information is presented in numerous different ways, so if someone learns by reading in a “How To” style, they can find the topic they’re looking for in that format. We also present information by topics, so if a member wants to learn more about a general area like discussions, they can read all about it in one place.

Members can reach the Knowledge Base directly from their MemberCircle portal. Use the search box at the top of the page to type in a word or term you want to learn about and all articles containing that phrase will show up. While we’re confident 99.99% of your questions can be answered in the Knowledge Base, we’re also 100% happy to answer them for you directly. So don’t ever hesitate to reach out! You can always find us at

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