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Organization Admin: Administrators at the organization, the highest level on MemberCircle. All circles are children of the organization.

Circle Admin: Administrators of a circle. Members can be administrators of the organization and one or many circles. When a member creates a circle, that member is automatically a circle admin for that circle.

Circle: A circle is a group created within the organization. Each circle has its own admin and tools.

Parent: A parent circle is the circle that another circle falls under within the hierarchy. When a member creates a circle, the organization is the default parent, but other circles can be designated as parent.

Child: A child circle is a circle that falls under a parent in the hierarchy. When creating or uploading items to a circle, members have the option to share with all child circles. This means the item will be shared with all the circles that are under that particular circle.

Member: A member is a user within an organization.