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Your profile is visible to all members of your organization. You can view other member’s profiles by clicking on the third tab within the left menu. This will populate a list of all your organization’s members. Click on the name of a member to see their profile. You can also use the search box on the Members tab to find a member. If you click the “Members” button within the third tab, all the members will be listed in the middle of the page.

Editing Your Profile

To edit your profile, click “My Profile” on left menu or click on your circular profile picture. You can also click on the settings icon on the left menu, then select “My Profile”.

Cover Photo

To edit your cover photo, click “Edit Cover Photo” button, then “Select New Cover Photo”. Select the file you want, then click “Open” and “Save Changes”. Adjust focus point as needed, then click “Save Focus Point.”

Profile Picture

To edit your profile picture, click “Edit Avatar”, then “Select New Avatar”. Select the file you want, then click “Open” and “Save Changes”. Crop picture as needed, then click “Save Changes.”


Check the box next to the widgets that you want to appear on your MemberCircle page. For customized weather, add your zip code. For customized stocks, add the company’s stock symbol.

Text Fields

To add detail to any fields within “My Profile” (About Me, Interests, etc.), simply enter text and click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.